What Nancy's Clients Say...

I experienced tremendous detoxing and weight-loss, I gained a lifetime of knowledge and tools I can use daily!

"Your site is loaded with high quality information, tips and recipes in an easy to understand format. I thought that the site and the interviews alone were worth the membership cost, but the fact that we also get to book a consultation with you at no additional charge made the decision easy! You've put together a wonderful package and program. I've not found any other on the internet that comes even close to what you are offering at your unbelievable price. You provide a wealth of services that are greatly needed in our modern and stressful world."

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Nancy, I love being a member of your Women’s Health Academy.

I always want to hear from experts about the latest “true” health findings (not what the mainstream media tells us) and you provide that. Thank you so much for providing this vital resource. It’s definitely one of the best investments I’ve made!

Jodi Keizer Graber. Bravo! Wellness

The member site turned my life around

Between the interviews and coaching online, my life is totally different. I gave up a life-long addiction to diet soda, sugar and wheat. I’ve lost weight and I’m much healthier. What I like best is Nancy’s gentle encouragement. There was no pressure to do things her way or in a certain time period. I like that I can listen to her interviews when I have some free time. She is very knowledgeable, yet compassionate and supportive.

Jenny Smith, California 

I looked forward to each new session with much anticipation

Before I discovered the Healthlady.com, I had been searching for one source or a GOTO spot for my health and well being information. I have since joined your health academy, participated in your weekly teleseminars and most recently joined in on your sprouting seminar and health bootcamp. The information you provide is extensive, relevant, practical and very useable. I looked forward to each new session with much anticipation.

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I Lost 64 Pounds in 17 Months

Here’s Tamara’s inspirational story

I now weigh less than I did in high school. I am still learning and changing, and what an exciting process it is!

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At 59, I have never looked as good nor felt better.

  • Why did you decide to try my private consultation program and cleanse workshop?

I have been working with Nancy for a number of years. I held a high pressure job as a member of the senior staff team in a school board, was always on the road and in meetings both during the day and evenings. Although I was conscious of my unhealthy lifestyle (irregular meals, little exercise during the week and a maximum of 4-5 hours of sleep per night), I felt that it was mostly out of my control. Every once in a while, I would sign up for one of Nancy’s workshops and for an exercise class. I wanted a more healthy lifestyle but thought that I didn’t have the time to pursue it.

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I lost 30 pounds without even trying

I am off all medication for my knees and sleep like a baby, I can lift heavier weights and instruct more aerobics classes with energy to spare.

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If you are looking to restart your system, clean the slate, or start fresh, this is the program for you

After attending few workshops at Nancy’s Café & demo kitchen many years ago in Georgetown, Canada:

This experience has created the first step for me on my journey through food, as well as learning how to value and have Tremendous respect for my wellbeing.

+ Success Story :: Read More From Tammeron T. Calendon, Ontario Canada

I now feel that I’ve regained control of my life. I feel fantastic, and I can’t get enough of this information!

Nancy, I have thoroughly enjoyed the Fat Burning Detox program. There was so much encouragement! I now feel that I’ve regained control of my life. I feel fantastic, and I can’t get enough of this information! You opened up another channel in my life, and I feel so alive from the inside out!

+ Success Story :: Read More From Rita P., Georgetown, Ontario

I have learned so many good things through this cleanse

I did the Cleanse for 5 days! I absolutely did not miss the the animal protein, I did not have any chicken or fish either. I lost 6 pounds. I walked a lot (5 days out of 7, from half an hour to 50 minutes each time). I practice yoga a few times a week. I felt really good, was not tired, I was surprised at how easy this cleanse was. The best feeling was never to feel bloated.

Overall, I’m really happy about the cleanse. I am definitely going to maintain the plans. I have just ordered my juicer and plan to start juicing.” I am also a member of the Academy! Great Learning Tool.

Gaudreau Nicole, Acton, Ontario

I Have Been Nicotine-Free: I No Longer Have a sinuses Infection!

I have been nicotine-free for ONE MONTH today!! I’m so relieved to have that aggravating habit out of my life and it’s even more wonderful knowing that I’ve replaced that bad habit with some very good ones – like dry brushing, supplementing my diet with premium products and eating like I want to live forever!

+ Success Story :: Read More From Jayne McRae, Houston, TX

Ended my 15 year Addiction to Coffee and my Craving for Sugar!

I just wanted you to know how grateful I am for the 7-Day Sugar Free Diet!

My 10th baby was born ten months ago. I have been a size 12-14 for years. Your information and encouragement helped me go from a size 12 to a size 8! (My 12s were loose when I started). The 7-Day Sugar Free Diet is not really a diet at all, but more of a lifestyle change and one that I am implementing with my entire family.

+ Success Story :: Read More From Lori G, Texas

I Noticed the Weight Came off Rapidly and Reduction of Hot Flashes

I’ve been aware of Nancy’s healthy lifestyle program for about 6 years but not until about a year ago was I ready to act upon what I learned.

+ Success Story :: Read More From Renee Thomas, Georgetown

Nothing I have ever done Has Made me Feel Better than Follow Your Cleansing Plan

I have absolutely loved being a part of your program.  Not only have i voraciously read (almost all of) the fat burning detox literature, i have lost seven pounds and changed my eating habits for a lifetime.

+ Success Story :: Read More From Kara Lewis, New York

Perhaps That is Why your Program Sticking to the Natural Basics Works so Well

I know I will continue that step-by-step climb to a healthier life because of things I have learned in your program. Some of the precepts I build that statement on are the great supplemental materials that I know I will refer to often, the first week preparing for success – evaluating the cupboards and planning my goals, and the last week interview on organizing.

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Very active and healthy, but 71, and wanting to live to be 100 and stay this way….only much healthier!!!

I am absolutely “in love” with your program!   We are going on a golf trip for a week, and I cannot wait to sink my teeth into it!!
I have started (because of our son’s advice and telling me how to) the 21 day off sugar!  I am so totally addicted, that it is pathetic.  (spelling)  So,I am determined to do better.

+ Success Story :: Read More From Sandra Binkley

I have lost 22 pounds and feel so much more energetic and alert

For me, Nancy’s cleanses have become part of an ongoing maintenance program. I started her cleanses this past spring and have done 3 of them so far. To date I have lost 22 pounds and feel so much more energetic and alert. It feels so great to be healthier and know I’m finally providing my body so much more of what it’s been needing for so long. Nancy provides a wealth of information that involves not only the cleanses themselves, but so many other topics that are critical to improved health and wellness in all aspects of our lives.

Maria B., New York 

Being able to communicate with Nancy through the forum was like she was with me everyday

Nancy’s program is an essential part of my detox – many many times I reffered to it, either for the recipes or the tips for healthy habits – also the forum was a great resource when reading the questions and answer made by the other participants. The fact that it was open for one month was definitively a must. Being able to communicate with Nancy through the forum was like she was with me everyday. I will keep my good habits : no sugar, no gluten, and good green juices in the morning. So, for sure I will do the program again, and recommend it to others.

Johanne Chalifoux, Montreal

The information you provided through your program has been life changing for us

After starting the Detox Program, within a few days we noticed several changes. I used to get muscle cramps when I tried to go to sleep at night, but they have stopped. I also used to wake up feeling stiff and sore, but I no longer have that problem. The arthritis pain in my hands has diminished considerably.

+ Success Story :: Read More From Mario and Sean from San Ramon, California

I have to say: Nancy, this is the best!!

Seven days on the Cleanse! I’ve kept on the plan for three more days~ Feeling really good.

I have cleansed in the past with other Herbal Cleanse) both with good results but requiring much more will power to stick to. I have to say: Nancy, this is the best!!

I have energy and am not hungry.

Thanks Nancy,from one tree hugger to another.

 Alison Bourre, Barrie, Ontario

I feel great and have lots of energy

I have lost 21 pounds since beginning the plan. I feel great and have lots of energy and feel no cravings that had me nibbling at night before the detox.

+ Success Story :: Read More From Susan, Tucson, Arizona

What your detox program has done is guide us into a detox that complements our lifestyle.

As part of my journey to good health, a fan of your website for approximately three years, I had never done a detox.

+ Success Story :: Read More From Marie & Louis Losier, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Thanks, Nancy! I feel successful!

My goal with this plan was to establish healthier eating habits. I pre-cleansed with juices and smoothies for 3 days. I did this first because I felt I needed to really get conscious of what I was eating and to reset my expectations. I then started on Plan B adding green juices because my body really needs the nutrients.

+ Success Story :: Read More From Kay K. Lopez Island, Washington

Nancy, Your program is amazing!

I completed my seven days and feel fantastic!

What’s even more amazing is the mental shift I’ve experienced from healthy eating, nutrition, and overall health care. Your book, the forum, and the weekly teleclasses were all so supportive. And I feel like I have a more solid base to use on my path to health. I’ve highly recommended your Women’s Health Academy and the detox program to many friends, especially after so many have commented on seeing such a positive change in me. The proof is in the pudding, or should I say in the juice?!

All the best.

Victoria D., Hamilton

It opened my eyes to all the choices in my life that could be a bit healthier

After looking at many different ones, I chose Nancy’s for several reasons……I could make my own food, there was an abundant amount of information to read on how to live a healthy lifestyle and the concept of an interactive forum and community as I was doing my cleanse was very intriguing.

Most importantly, it appeared to be DOABLE, especially with 4 kids and my busy lifestyle!

What I found was more than just a cleanse, it opened my eyes to all the choices in my life that could be a bit healthier. It made me really think about ALL the toxins out there…not just the food choices or beauty products but the friendships and stress levers that play an important role in all our lives.

Katie, Massachusetts


“I can remember going to Nancy’s workshops years ago and listening to all the information and being completely overwhelmed but remembering Nancy’s gentle approach and saying, “If you take just one piece of information away with you tonight and incorporate it into your lifestyle you’ve done a lot”.

+ Success Story :: Read More From Johanne Jakuszyk, Georgetown, Ontario

At the age of 46, having raised 4 children, I have never felt this good and energetic.

I have been attending Nancy’s workshops and seminars now for over one and a half years. The holistic approach (body,mind and spirit) to health came as a second nature to me.

+ Success Story :: Read More From Monique, Georgetown

I always learn and come away with new ideas...

I have been to many of Nancy's workshops ... And never come away disappointed... I keep coming back because I always learn and come away with new ideas... She never stops improving and expanding her program.... And I believe we all need a mentor to coach us through the challenging times...highs and lows..in our lives...I recently came across a quote: A fool with a plan will outsmart a genius without a plan every time!....Nancy's program provides this plan ... She's already done all the research and figured out what works and what doesn't work..so it really doesn't get any easier than that....

Kathy S, Calendon, Ontario
Realtor, Remax Brampton

I always leave feeling empowered.

I have attended a few of Nancy's workshops and purchase her new program and I can honestly say that they are always very inspirational and full of valuable information. Nancy's passion and knowledge for a healthy lifestyle keeps me coming back for more….. I always leave feeling empowered and with so many new healthy ideas and new recipes. I have realized that a healthy lifestyle and attitude is what I am striving for. One of the most valuable lessons that is common throughout the workshops is that “You can do anything you set your mind to”. The information presented is simple and all the tools for success are also available. Thank you Nancy for your support and for sharing your wealth of knowledge. I truly appreciate and I am very grateful for all that you have done for me.

Sue M. Milton-Ontario
Project Coordinator, Project Solutions Group

I am eager to commence the plan before me.

It was such a pleasure to both meet you and learn from you last night. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop which was well worth the drive. Having the ability to see you demonstrate how to make and do things was very beneficial. I am eager to commence the plan before me, following a little “de-cluttering” next week to ensure I get the most out your lessons.
Thanks so much

Georgia R. Toronto

I do not feel hungry during the day, wow!

It’s been a busy week but I’ve been able to stick to the daily diet plan!   Your emails have been helpful, thanks.   Feeling great, energetic & surprised that I do not feel hungry during the day, wow.

Veggies for snacks keeps things light, & feel fresh and alert. Usually like breads etc. but do not miss them or the drag on the body. Vicki is also participating in the diet and exercising and feeling great as well (light and energetic).

Dave Walsh, Georgetown, Ontario

I feel better now then when I was in my twenties and my body is in way better shape as well.

I first contacted Nancy In January 2003.  i just came back from a trip and was feeling very tired when I should have been feeling rejuvenated.  I saw an article in the local paper, something to the effect of "are you tired of being constipated". Which has been a problem for me over many years. Doctors always just told me to take laxatives, quick fixes.

+ Success Story :: Read More From Arlene Buck Glen Williams, Ontario

I Felt Much Better Just in Four Days

Thank you so much for providing this program.  My caffeine withdrawal headaches are gone now and I feel better.  I am sleeping better – insomnia not so bad. The food has been good – to my surprise.

Again, thank you for the program.  I feel better just in four days and am now on the road to recovery from bad eating.

Nancy Lehto

I have been sleeping and feeling better and had lost weight.

I have to say ever since I started your program I have been sleeping and feeling better and had lost weight.I keep getting compliments at work how well I look. Super grateful for this knowledge.

Maryam A. ,Georgetown-Ontario
Beauty Consultant/Esthetician

I have dropped 3 dress sizes and I have 80% more energy and I feel great!

I’ve always been a fairly health conscious person, however for the past several years, I guess you could say I got a bit off track with my eating habits.  Because of this, I had a lack of energy and was feeling rather sluggish and tired most of the time.

+ Success Story :: Read More From Sheri, Georgetown, Ontario

I have lost approximately 7 lbs in 7 days.

I have lost approximately 7 lbs in 7 days.  I can look at cookies and sweets without eating them now!  The information that you provided and the help you gave me was great. I do feel  I WOULD do this program again, My goal for the rest of my life is to eat in a way that is healthy for my body, to exercise my body so that it is strong and fit and to find a way to have daily bowel movements.

Charlotte Bigelow, Bancroft, Ontario

I have So much More Energy Now

Before starting this wonderful journey of Nancy whole  food program I struggled with my weight and also my energy level. I could never seem to find the energy to workout or do anything for that matter.

+ Success Story :: Read More From Kim Desjardins, Ottawa, Ontario

I haven’t had any chocolate or any refined sugar (nor any cravings for them)

I have started to implement very small changes to my diet since ordering your Program.

+ Success Story :: Read More From Lee Anne Knight, Kitchener, Ontario

I lost 30 lbs over a 3 month

I lost 30 lbs over a 3 month period.

I have known Nancy since September 2000. I know the exact time because that is when my life changed.

+ Success Story :: Read More From Debby Mullen, Ballinafad, ONT

I lost 4 lbs in 7 days on the program

I lost 4 lbs in 7 days on the program - I think my sugars are hard to get rid of! However, I feel great and when I eat unnatural sugar, I get really upset. I would say my body is now telling me something! Big time!

Your info was very useful – but there could be a wider range of warm stews for this time of year.
Yes, I would do the program again would definitely recommend it to others.

Ruth Kutinard, Peterborough

I’ve lost over 6 lbs in a week

I got great results, better than the first time I did it. My weight loss was quicker – i've lost over 6 lbs in a week, and plan to continue the cleanse, since it was so successful. Maybe I can lose 10 lbs on this cleanse! 

I feel good and I think my skin looks better too! I found the recipes really helped me to change things up, because I am usually guilty of eating the same thing all the time. I don't miss the sugar and can hopefully make these habits permanent. I would definitely do this program again. It always pulls me back onto the right path.

Lizanne Gray, Georgetown, Ontario

I’ve regained control of my life.

Nancy, I have thoroughly enjoyed the Fresh Start Detox Program. There was so much encouragement! I now feel that I’ve regained control of my life. I feel fantastic, and I can’t get enough of this information! You opened up another channel in my life, and I feel so alive from the inside out!

What I noticed during and after the program is not only that I’ve lost weight, but my muscle pain and arthritis have reduced so much! I don’t crave processed or sugary food like I used to. I have so much more respect now for who I am and how Ifuel my mind and body.

I am also a member of the Women’s Health Academy! At 73 years old, I’m a student for life! I figure I have another 30 years to go, so why not make the best of it?! Happy and Super Grateful for this beautiful life.

Rita,P. Georgetown, Ontario


You are a true leader in nutrition!  When I first met you I knew you were a person who walked the talk.  You radiate health and divine beauty.  I read intently when you  give expert advice on your blog and newsletters . I know that you always search for the highest level of quality when it comes to recommending optimal products ,  supplements or simple health tips.  Why would I go anywhere else when I know that you have already done the research? You save me alot of time and effort just by listening to your advice and I know I can count on you for a direct and honest answer to any of my health concerns.

Tammeron J. Karaim, Erin, Ontario

Motivational Speaker/ Mentor

It has been a great journey and healing for me

For a long time now, I have been struggling with losing weight after giving birth to my 4 children.  Last August, I developed a skin rash all over my body that kept coming back every month or so.  I saw an allergy specialist/immunologist together with a dermatologist and was given Prednisone each time I would break out.  They said it was related to stress.

+ Success Story :: Read More From Maria, Georgetown

My energy has doubled already, and I am not starving!

I have thoroughly enjoyed your book. As his employee I am knowledgeable about Dr. Murphree’s protocols and believe in his work whole-heartedly. I have known for a long time that sugar was not good for you and it is inflammatory and slows healing and all that, however, I have  been an addict of sugar basically my entire adult life.

+ Success Story :: Read More From Gina Dickerson, Homewood, AL

Nancy Desjardin saved my Fathers’ life.

I have known Nancy Dejardins for 2 years…In that short time, her impact on my life has been phenominal.

+ Success Story :: Read More From Dean

Not bad for 53 and 63!

We have been enjoying the sprouts more and more. It gets so that one can not go a day without a green drink with sprouts. Art and I get energized each morning with a green drink. I add a 1/2 tsp. of spirulina to it now as well.

+ Success Story :: Read More From Mary Kelly, Brampton, Ontario

Rob lost 9 pounds and I lost 5 in 7 days!

I managed to convince or just told Rob (haha) my husband Monday morning that he was going to do this cleanse with me.  Rob and I did the cleanse for five days.  Rob lost 9 pounds and I lost 5  This was his first cleanse so experienced lots of fatigue and headaches, but, was pleased with the results.
I try to do this cleanse 2x a year just to keep things in check

Lisa and Rob Quinn, Georgetown, Ontario

Thanks for all your information, support and care

Doing a cleanse is not always easy but the long term results far outweigh the uncomfortable, short term symptoms. I have just finished my second cleanse and I feel great. Thanks for all your information, support and care. It makes the cleansing process that much easier.

Johanne, Georgetown

The bad habits were gone!

In my private consultations with Nancy I was reminded of a lot of basics that over time I had been neglecting. Some “special treats” (as my 3 year old nephew calls them) had become bad habits. I learned from Nancy to identify again what to eat, when, and how to be aware of making food choices. It only took about 2 months to feel great again.

+ Success Story :: Read More From Raeanne Kirk, Georgetown, Ontario

Trust her advice and expertise.

I've known Nancy for 20 years and was her first client at the time :) and I am always coming back to her new programs! Trust her advice and expertise. I am 63 years old, I look and feel younger for my age and want to continue feeling this way to keep up with my beautiful grandchildren.

Denise G, Georgetown

You are a fountain of knowledge and yet have the ability to share it with simplicity and ease.

Great workshop!!!! I am SO MOTIVATED TO SUCCEED! I love Your style. You are a fountain of knowledge and yet have the ability to share it with simplicity and ease.It feels like you use the KISS Method (Keep It Simple and just Sigh!) and give permission for clients to do it their way without a lot of pressure. So different from past experiences I have had with other programs. Your program offers so many alternatives that it can fit anyone's lifestyle. It is my intention to juice for as long (up to 7 days) as it works for me and then go to Plan B.I have done 5 day juice cleanses many times so know that after Day 3 it's easy peesy lemon squeezy!Thank you for continuing to share your light with others.

namaste, Darcel D, Milton Ontario

You are the biggest, most positive impact on my health

I have known Nancy since September 2000. I know the exact time because she changed my life.

+ Success Story :: Read More From Debbie, Georgetown

You inspire me so much!

You are unique Nancy in the way you do business! I love that about you. You never cease to feed us healthy information that we can use on a daily basis. The programs are easy because you document them well, but of course, we each have to have our own will power to succeed. I would definitely recommend you to others for all the reasons above. I look at you and I see a picture of health, physically and also in your mind and soul. You inspire me so much!

Nicole G. Limehouse- Ontario
Volvo Trucks Canada, Sales Administrator

You truly do lose the cravings!

Doing the 7 day sugar free diet,  I didn't feel deprived or starved. You truly do lose the cravings, it's amazing.  I feel great.  I plan to continue with the eating plan I would recommended to anyone to do the cleanse. I lost about 4 pounds in 7 days I  feel so much better . I'm not as irritable as I was, always wanting to eat something and then feeling bad for having over eaten and eaten poorly.  I was really concerned about this past weekend because of Halloween.  Normally having access to all those little chocolate bars would be a real problem for me.  I haven't had any and more importantly I haven't had the desire to eat them. 

Nancy Stringer, Georgetown, Ontario

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