Fresh Start Detox

Live Your Most Vibrant Life Ever

The Fresh Start Detox Program is a step-by-step fat burning body cleanse. Nancy will personally guide you through a diet plan filled with a variety of recipes including smoothies, juices, soups, dips, salads, teas and even desserts (including dark organic chocolate)!

Nancy has included easy-to-follow diet plans, success journals and simple checklists.

End Food Cravings

Say Goodbye To Those Naughty Food Cravings.

Quickly & naturally end your sugar and food cravings “Once And For All” - and begin living a healthier, more energized lifestyle!

Reduce PMS, hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, irritability, depression, restless sleep, brain fog, bloating, chronic fatigue and hey! You'll likely lose those extra pounds in the process too.

The Winter Program

Twenty Nourishing Winter Recipes

During the winter, you might be ready to tackle old resolutions again because you're still trying to achieve that healthier, fit body. So, you’re thinking about making huge changes and putting lots of energy into it. In fact, you may be thinking about trying a winter diet and making significant lifestyle shifts using the same program and ideas that you tried last summer, or some other time. If this is you, check out our Winter Program!

Interview with Dr. William Davis, Author of Wheat Belly: Is Now Yours For Free!