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The Health Academy is the most effective, health-focused membership site on the internet right now. The Academy not only offers information about becoming healthier, it also offers a holistic, natural approach, which integrates healthy thinking and healthy habits into your busy lifestyle. 

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If you’re passionate about maintaining your youthfulness and want to free yourself of health problems like weight gain, bloating, low blood sugar, and chronic fatigue - just to name a few, we make it easy for those who are also juggling their health, families, careers, and experiencing the pain and stress of finding the right ways to live the best life they can.

All This And More Inside The Health Academy

Interviews With Health Experts

Regular interviews with world experts on health and wellness And the latest health news. 

These ‘live’ teleclasses, which cover informative, cutting-edge health topics, are available to you as part of your membership. In this site you’ll have access to over 100 MP3 files, and transcripts from these teleclasses. 

Categorization and intuitive search functionality make finding the exact expert and interview you need effortless!

Database of Health Knowledge

A growing knowledgebase of frequently asked health questions and advice. 

We are continuously adding to this section of the site, and the questions are conveniently categorized by topics such as weight loss, body detox, medicinal herbs and many more. We have 14 categories in total. 

If you don't find a suitable answer, use the form at the bottom of the page in the members areas to submit your question and Nancy will add it to the knowledgebase as soon as possible!

One-on-One Coaching

FREE Personal Coaching and Consulting With Nancy Desjardins, which would normally cost $47 per session.

Nancy is an ROHP (Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner) and an RNCP (Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner). Each month you get one (1) free one-on-one consulting session with Nancy! Once you connect with Nancy on the call you will have 15 minutes to discuss any topic you want to discuss about your current health situation.

As a member, you will also receive a 25% discount on Nancy's other coaching packages!

The Health Forums

Share your views, ask questions - use this as a space to interact and learn, but also to help support others.

Nancy is on the forums each week and will contribute promptly to your questions. If your question is of a personal nature, you are welcome to use the Free Coaching as an alternative. 

You can discuss and ask questions on various topics such as Anti-Aging, Body Detox, Weight Loss, Medicinal Herbs, Relationships, Gardening and more!

Goodies You'll Love!

Download over $325 of Bonus Gifts, Available  IMMEDIATELY When You Join The Academy!

Learn how to balance your life, discover untold weight loss secrets, the key to vibrant health, the effects of modern medicine and so much more with Nancy's welcome gifts. They are available right inside the members area to download or add to your favorites. 

These goodies from various health experts are health staples you'll refer back to time and time again!

Are You Ready To Enter The Academy?

Are You Ready To Enter The Academy?

Join the health academy today and you'll receive a no questions asked 30 day satisfaction guarantee!

It's this simple, join the Health Academy and if you're not 100% satisfied inside we'll give you a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee. Your money back, within 30 days it you're not satisfied. 

There's nothing to lose (other than those extra pounds of course!)


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Access all areas of the Health Academy for only $47 per year. Your initial charge will be $47. You will then be charged $47 every year after your initial charge has been made. 
You can cancel at any time.

What To Expect After You Purchase Via PayPal

After you have made your purchase via PayPal you'll be redirected to a page where you can create a login to the HealthLady.com site, and more specifically to this secure area. If you already have a members account and a login for HealthLady.com, whether this be as an affiliate, Fresh Start Account or for any of the other products or programs we sell through the site, on the registration form after sign up, please enter the exact same name, email and password for this program to be added to your existing account.

Interview with Dr. William Davis, Author of Wheat Belly: Is Now Yours For Free!