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The Link Between Sugar and Osteoporosis

Friday, March 22, 2013

In order for our bodies to process sugar, it has to rob our reserves of vitamins and minerals. This means sugar is not just an empty calorie substance . . . it’s a sub-zero calorie substance. And this can have devastating effects on your body.

For instance, when our bodies look for nutrients to steal, it targets key minerals such as calcium from the bones and teeth. And since calcium is the primary mineral used to neutralize high acid in the cells, we could be left with “toxic” minerals, because there’s not enough calcium to fight them off.

And it gets worse: This can also lead to calcium becoming toxic resulting in plaque on the teeth, osteoporosis and arthritis, kidney stones, and even hardening of the arteries.

As if that’s not bad enough, the raiding of vital nutrients in order to process sugar can lead to our bodies becoming acidic.

In other words… sugar can alter our entire blood chemistry; so just two teaspoons of sugar can throw off your chemical balance.

The chain reaction continues . . . when minerals decrease because your body is out of balance, critical enzymes are unable to do their job, which means food is not digested properly.

If any of this food gets into the bloodstream, it can cause your immune system to go into action, fighting off this “foreign” substance. That means your immune system is busy fighting elsewhere when it’s needed to focus on getting those  diseases out of our body.

All of this from just two teaspoons of sugar. Just imagine the chaos when you give in to a craving for cookies or ice cream or doughnuts.

If you consider that you may be swallowing the recipe for everything from osteoporosis, diabetes to kidney stones, yeast infections, headaches, arthritis or allergies.

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