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Fresh Start -New Beginnings-It's Much More Than Dieting!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

This is it! My newly revised and expanded edition of "The Fresh Start Detox Program“ is now available.


This program has been a labor of love to work on, so I'm super excited to share it with you. In fact, many of you are the inspiration for this program!

Like I mentioned on my newsletter Tuesday, my program is a way of living and being. That's why I continue to say that we need to stop obsessing about food and diet because the solution involves much more than that! It involves common sense logic and lots of self-understanding. That means really getting to know who you are as a person, and that's what this program is all about.

I've seen my clients experience that "aha" moment when they realized what it would take to get their lives back on track—making positive, lasting changes to their lifestyles.

In many instances, it included realizing that they were giving away too much of themselves, which left little time to focus on their own needs. Does that sound familiar?

The beauty of this program is that I designed it to be flexible and reasonablenothing crazy! It offers three unique cleanses to fit your particular lifestyle.

And, my expanded program includes delicious, new recipes! I give credit to fellow colleagues Caroline Marie Dupont and Louise Racine, who contributed some of their favorite recipes to my program! I've received great feedback from clients who love the plan and recipes.

This program is for you if:

  1. You want to change your diet but aren't ready for an intense detox regimen.
  2. You’ve changed your diet over the years but feel like you've plateaued.
  3. You're tired of your old routine, want new recipes and fresh ideas, and want to involve your whole family!

When you think about this program as a way to create and sustain a healthier lifestyle, then the diet component is much easier to follow and maintain. The key to success is understanding that it's all about your lifestyle and making time for the things that are important in your life.

I've seen people who have followed this approach begin to flourish and blossom like a beautiful flower!

Remember that this program was designed to be both a 7-day cleanse and a lifetime maintenance plan, so have fun with it! Once you join, you’ll also have access to any updates for the next six months.

Now, I need to ask you a favor!

If you’ve been following me over the years, you know that I'm generous with my time and information and feel blessed that I’ve been able to share my knowledge with you via my newsletters, teleclasses, blog posts, and Facebook.

Now, I'd like to reach even more of you, so I'm asking you to forward this information to anyone you know whom you believe would benefit from this program. Be sure to let me know so I can personally thank you.

Here's the link to share with your friends: Fresh Start Detox

Thank you for helping me to reach out to others who are ready for a "fresh start." As one chapter of your life closes, another one begins to bloom. So, join me as we begin this transformational journey.

If you have questions or comments, please share them below!

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