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How Can We Prevent Bone Loss and Enhance Bone Building

Thursday, March 14, 2013

During my first interview with guest Dr. Joseph Collins—a naturopathic doctor, expert on hormone health, and author of Discover Your Menopause Type, one of the questions I asked him was how to prevent bone loss and enhance bone building. Here’s what he said:

It goes back to the old question, “What do the bones want?” They want everything. It isn’t just calcium. Vitamin-D is big now, so get your vitamin-D levels tested to make sure you have healthy vitamin-D levels.

Vitamin-K is just as important. I tell all my patients that I want them to have at least two or three kale or spinach salads a week.

We could also put them on a vitamin-K tablet, but I’d rather they get in the habit of having the greens.

If you’re worried about kidney stones, have kale, which is less oxylative than spinach. Vitamin-K is important. Calcium and vitamin-D are, too. We need more weight-bearing exercise. We need to walk and get that micro-vibration. Swimming does not build bone because it doesn’t cause that little vibration.

Whenever your foot hits the ground, there’s a vibration that builds bone. When you think about it, vitamin-C and boron are involved in bone building. Bone is tissue. Think of it as skin, but a lot harder.

It’s living tissue, and instead of it being soft, it builds bone. However, there are cells and living tissue inside there, so it needs all the vitamins and minerals. That’s important. Of course, your hormones should be checked properly.

Estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and DHEA all have to do with bone density. It’s not just one or the other; the three of them are required, and you want to keep them in balance.

Those are important things to look at, so don’t forget that.

And don’t forget about DHEA. I know we focus a lot on estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, but DHEA independently helps with bone density.

That’s another good reason to have your doctor check your hormones and, maybe, put you on DHEA to help with that. We know a lot about bones now. It’s not one thing; give our bones everything they need: nutrition, exercise, micro-vibration, and hormones.

Don’t forget sleep! We rebuild our bones in deep sleep, so if we’re not getting deep sleep, we’re not building the osteoblasts. Osteoblasts build the bone, and that happens during the deep stage of sleep, so that’s important, as well.

Those are all important for general health.

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