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Grow Your Own Eco-Organic Food

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

This week, I'm getting organized for my summer gardening, but I'm taking a different approach this time because of my spring/summer schedule.

So, this year, my new approach to gardening will be to fully apply Jonathan White's organic gardening method, which is based on ecology, not horticulture. White is an environmental scientist and horticulturist, author of Food4Wealth (Grow Your Own Eco-Organic Food), and creator of the Food4Wealth method of gardening.

Some of you may recall that I started promoting Food4Wealth last year. That's because White teaches us how to grow organic gardens that rely on natural ecosystems. He explained that horticulture is problem-focused and gardening books are filled with ways to fix problems; but it doesn't have to be that way! 

You see, people seem to love creating problems where problems don't exist. In his experience, the study of natural ecosystems reveals everything we need to know about growing food. After all, Mother Nature has been doing it this way for millions of years.

From his own results, White believes with absolute certainty that this is the way we will be producing food in the future. It's just common sense. After all, why wouldn't the world want to use a method that produces many times more food with just a fraction of the effort?

The biggest challenge is convincing traditional gardeners that there's a better way of gardening. Like many industries, the gardening industry is used to doing things a certain way and is reluctant to change its methods.

White's experience with ecological gardening has been phenomenal. He’s been able to combine natural weed management, soil ecology, pest ecology, and crop management into a very simple and easy method.

In fact, he has created a garden that requires very little attention and produces far more than a traditional vegetable garden just by applying sound scientific principles. Simply stated, he’s achieved incredible results!

The Food4Wealth step-by-step instruction manual has been written with you in mind. It contains clear, easy-to-follow instructions and illustrations, so you can get started right away. Food4Wealth also offers an audio book, so you can listen to it while you're in the garden, jogging, or even commuting.


The Food4Wealth package includes 14 short video tutorials that total over 60 minutes’ worth of instructions. It shows you each step of the process so you can see exactly what you need to do to get amazing results for yourself. Plus, the package includes an easy-to-follow, step-by-step project plan listing, maintenance plan, and checklist so you can't go wrong.

In short, through Food4Wealth, White tells you exactly what you need to know to start producing organic food and to maintain an organic garden for years to come. Click on this site to learn more about this unique organic gardening system: Food4Wealth

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