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DIY Kitchen & Bath Cleaning Wipes with Essential Oils

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

I just hired a new cleaning lady at my place few weeks ago. Even though I love to clean, I needed some extra help over the next few weeks. And she was excited about and open to using essential oils! One particular cleaning solution she really enjoyed was the cleaning wipes. That one is a keeper, and you are getting the recipe today!

I love the feeling of a clean home, and I like to make cleaning as simple and fast as I can. That’s where these essential oil cleaning wipes come in. They clean and disinfect with just a quick wipe. 

I feel so much better about using these around my house than the store-bought kind, because these are all natural and toxin free. 

Canadians spend more than $275 million on household cleaning products in a year. We buy these products to fight germs, streaks, stains, and odors to keep our homes sparkling clean. 

Cleaning is supposed to be about maintaining a healthy home, yet some common household cleaning products contain chemicals that can harm human health and the environment. 

What a mess! Chemicals in cleaning products can enter our bodies by absorption through the skin or through ingestion of household dust and chemical residues left on dishes and cutlery. 

And when cleaning products are flushed down the drain, they can have a serious impact on aquatic ecosystems. 

There is no regulatory requirement for ingredients to be listed on the label in a consistent format, so it can be hard to identify chemicals of concern.

Now you can get rid of harsh chemicals and learn all-natural ways to kill germs and keep your family clean and safe!

One of my favorite recipes is DIY Kitchen & Bath Cleaning Wipes with Essential Oils.

You'll love the smell and the effectiveness of these wipes. This is something I use to clean the bathroom  right after a workshop at my place. 

Let me know how they work for you! I can't take full credit for this one! It's from Sarah at One Essential Community: Check her out, she has great Recipes

Recipe: DIY Kitchen & Bath Cleaning Wipes with Essential Oils

A glass canister

30 select-a- size paper towels, premium paper dinner napkins, or disposable guest towels

3/4 cup distilled water or substitute with boiled and cooled filtered water
1/4 cup white vinegar
1/2 teaspoon unscented liquid Castile soap
*25-30 drops of OnGuard blend

On Guard is a essential oil blend that that has been seen to provide a natural and effective alternative for our immune system. Has been know to protect against environmental and seasonal threats with essential oils known for their positive effects on the immune system.

On Guard can be taken internally on a daily basis to help maintain a healthy immune function and support healthy cardiovascular function. It can also be used on surfaces throughout the home as a non-toxic cleaner. When diffused, On Guard helps purify the air, and can be very energizing and uplifting.

1. Add the above ingredients to the glass canister, and gently stir everything together. Note: Try to not stir it too briskly so that the Castile soap doesn’t bubble up too much.

2. Prepare your paper towels or disposable guest towels. You want to be sure to use a sturdy, thick paper product so it will hold up to sitting in the cleaning solution and scrubbing as you clean. I fold the paper towels in half to make them easier to
pull out of the jar.

3. Roll up the paper towels, then put them in the glass jar so that they sit in the cleaning solution. Gently twist the paper towels around a little in the jar so that the cleaning solution is swirled around them on the bottom.

4. Put the lid on the canister.The cleaning solution will wick its way up the paper towels on its own; before long, the paper towels will be completely saturated in the cleaning solution.

Enjoy a beautiful new cleaning scent in your home!

If you have questions or comments, please share them below!

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