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Advice that Transformed My Life

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Are you wondering why you don’t hear from me as often now? Well, let me explain what happened and the advice I received that transformed my life!


Since I’ve been back to Georgetown, I’ve worked really hard to establish my business there. As many of you know, Georgetown is where I first started my practice as a nutritionist eighteen years ago. Well, the business has grown and changed; and now I'm doing more private consultations in my office and more online coaching, both which I really enjoy!

This is where I want to be with my practice, but it took some sound advice from my assistant Michelle and some reprioritizing on my part. So, here's what happened . . .

Last year, before we launched my new website, my assistant Michelle strongly suggested that I limit my e-mail broadcasts to once a week or less, and start "cleaning up around my business." What she meant was letting go of things I no longer enjoyed that were exhausting me, and focusing my efforts on things that would bring me more joy—the “fun stuff”—and working deeper with my existing clients. I love that human connection!

At that time, I was throwing myself in every possible direction and was not really feeling fulfilled. It seemed as if the more I did, the more frustrated I became, and the less time I had to devote to the important people in my life and myself!

I thought doing business exclusively online would simplify my life, but it did just the opposite.

The lesson I learned?

Learn how to simplify your life so you can do what you love! Well, I made a decision, almost overnight, to simplify everything around me, including my personal life!

Here are some things I did:

Reduced my weekly e-mail broadcasts. Really, who has time to read them all? Don't spend the precious moments of your life tied to reading e-mail messages, text messages, and other sources of electronic communications.

Unsubscribed to unwanted e-mails. This included anyone who was sending me multiple e-mails on a weekly basis as well as those who were using "scare" tactics to sell their products without having anything substantial to say.

Refined my relationships! This was the most rewarding change I made. Basically, I looked at all of my close relationships, both personal and professional. Then, I released the ones that were draining me, upsetting me, or causing problems in my life.

I felt energized afterwards because I had freed my space of energy suckers and complainers! And, by taking this action, I had created room for new relationships to enter my life.

These changes have dramatically changed my life on a personal and professional level.

Now, when a client expresses frustration about not getting the results she is looking for, here's the advice I offer:

Take ownership of your life. Act to make positive changes in your life, and stop blaming others for the failures or challenges you've experienced. It's easy to get caught up in the "blame game," but remember that you're responsible for setting the course of your life.

Find out what you're tolerating in your life. What are you putting up with in your life? What drains your energy or constantly bugs you? Start addressing these things one-by-one to make room for the new, good stuff coming your way.

Reduce your commitments. This means simplifying your life like I did! We often clutter our lives with things we think we need to do and commitments we've made to others—at home, work, or school; in our religious or civic lives; with family and friends; and so on.

Look at each area of your life and write down all of the commitments you've made in that area. This can be quite an eye-opening experience, as well as overwhelming. Then, review each one and decide whether it's worth the time you're investing in it.

Another way to reduce your commitments is to identify a few that you truly love and get rid of the rest!

Learn to say "no" and decline offers. Some of us just can't say "no" to people; but, before you commit to something, think about whether you really want to do it. If you don't, then just say "no." Saying "yes" to something you really don't want to do can fill your body with negative emotions like resentment and frustration, which aren't healthy.

By eliminating the things that don’t bring you joy or value, you’ll have more time for the things you love!

Get rid of clutter. It's insane to surround ourselves with clutter. We collect so much stuff but never get rid of it. And, when we run out of space in our houses, we look for storage space elsewhere. Instead, focus on getting rid of the clutter in your home.

You can tackle cupboards and closets first, or go room by room. And, to keep the clutter away, stop buying things you don’t need, even if they're on sale.

Limit your time on online social networking sites. Stop wasting your life on Facebook and other similar online social networking sites.

I think a lot of people mistake Facebook for their personal journals! They think nothing about spending tons of time online and exposing their whole lives via an online site. I love technology, but let's try to keep things in perspective and in balance.

Start applying these fundamental strategies to your life, and I guarantee that you’ll change how you feel, think, and behave in just 90 days.

Now that you’re ready to make permanent, transformational changes in your life, why not work with me to create your personalized detox and diet/nutrition plan? It's a commitment you'll find worth your investment of time and energy. So, call me today or set up an in-person appointment.  Personalized Detox and Diet/Nutrition Plan

If you have questions or comments, please share them below!

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