Hi! I'm Nancy Desjardins! 

My passion is to help women overcome fatigue to create abundant energy and lifelong vibrant health.

As a professional holistic health and wellness practitioner and advocate, I am uniquely qualified to help you get to your next level of health and personal development.

I have an active and successful practice as a Certified Nutritionist, Detox and Life Coach, and writer and speaker on holistic nutrition and health. My 20 years of knowledge and advice will give you the tools you need to achieve the goals you desire.

To me, living holistically means living a natural lifestyle, consciously and simply. To illustrate what that means, let me share a little about my personal life. My husband, Yvan, and I live part of the year in a cottage in Bancroft, Ontario. We designed the cottage so we could live a natural lifestyle in a completely organic setting.

You see, all of the power used to run the cottage is supplied by nature, so we’re completely off the grid. And, to help us eat nutritiously, we have a garden that’s always full of organic herbs and vegetables. On top of that, the cottage is situated in a woodsy area, surrounded by lots of greenery!

Living holistically also means working to keep myself balanced physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I keep my life active with lots of yoga, biking, swimming, and walking. Yvan and I travel frequently so we can enjoy the beauty of other parts of the world; but I also enjoy spending time at home just reading a book!

My family and friends are very special to me, and entertaining them with a meal of nutritious, healthy food is at the top of my list. All in all, I live life simply, filled with zest, and surrounded by amazing people. That’s how I keep my life balanced and positive, which are key ingredients to health and wellness.

How I  Can Help Balance Your Life...

It begins with self-awareness. I want you to be aware and informed about the state of your health. That’s one of the reasons I offer a health assessment and personalized detox and diet/nutrition plan that considers your unique health history, lifestyle, eating habits, and much more!

I also offer diet and detoxification programs throughout the year, some which are tied to specific seasons and holidays (and eating habits!). And, because it’s important that you succeed with your health goals, I offer health coaching and support.

I also want you to have easy access to the most current information on top health topics and trends, so I keep my healthlady.com website filled with health articles, videos, and nutritious recipes. And, I also have an online health store!

If you want facts and trusted information from some of the most highly respected experts in the health field, just tune in to my free, live teleclasses or visit my library of archived interviews.

Now you know who I am and what I do: I’m the Health Lady on a Mission! Together, we can create a holistic health plan that incorporates positive thinking, behaviors, and eating habits into your quest for a longer, healthier life.

Thank you so much for visiting, please contact me if you have any questions, and enjoy the site.

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