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Coconut Green Smoothie

Sunday, December 06, 2015

This smoothie was originally from the Sugar Impact Diet cookbook from J.J. Virgin, but I’ve adapted the recipe a bit. It’s very creamy and yummy!

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Breakfast sets the stage and serves as an anchor for your whole day. Among other things, what you eat for breakfast determines what your blood sugar is going to be for the rest of the day. The best way to keep your blood sugar and insulin levels balanced is by reducing carbs, which spike insulin, and by increasing your protein intake.

You’re really not cutting calories here; you’re just changing the proportion of your proteins, carbs, and fat intake.

A light morning meal will leave you feeling energized and ready to begin the day. Smoothies are the perfect breakfast since they're high in nutrients, yet low in calories and easy to digest.

Many of my programs include protein shakes, which are loaded with nutrients. They're a great way to speed up weight loss and to eliminate water retention, quickly.

And, as an added bonus, protein shakes help to diminish food cravings, improve digestion, and increase your energy.

Not only that, but protein smoothies are a great way to satisfy your hunger in the morning while cleansing your insides. So, if you’re having trouble with constipation, a morning smoothie will take care of it very quickly.

Coconut Green Smoothie
1 serving protein powder (SunWarrior) Available at any health Food Store
1/2 avocado
2 cups baby spinach or Swiss chard
1 green apple or pear (I prefer pear)
1 cup coconut water ( Coco libre or Vita Coco) available at any Super Store-Health Food Store or Costco.
1/2 to 1 cup water (to your liking)
1 Tbs chia seeds ( optional)
1 Tbs cinnamon powder (optional)

Blend all ingredients until smooth.

Makes 1 serving.


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