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5 Reasons We Overeat and How to Overcome Them

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

“We eat approximately seventy tons of food in our lifetime. The quality of that food will be the greatest determining factor in the quality of our lives “- Fit for Life by Harvey Diamond

We are undernourished~We eat nutrient-poor foods and are craving nutrients.

Solution: Consume rich, green, mineral-rich,organically grown, fresh vegetables and their juices. Also some low glycemic fruit (low in sugar).


We are tired and are trying to stimulate our bodies

Solution: When we are tired, our primary need is rest, not food! Food cannot be assimilated and absorbed when the body is exhausted and stressed out. Eat very lightly.


We feel bored

Solution: Develop enjoyable, purposeful and healthful activities away from food or the kitchen. Have fun with your life! PLAY

We feel socially obligated:

Solution: Choose to be in control of your life! Friends and family will understand and perhaps they will follow some of your suggestions.


We believe we can “get away with it” one more time:

Solution: Ask yourself: “How is this food going to make me feel in a few minutes, in a few hours and tomorrow”


Knowing yourself at the innermost level brings you the gift of understanding.

It brings clarity and an awareness of what you want in your life and what you must do to achieve your heart’s desire.

If you want to change the direction of your life and live a healthier lifestyle, you can create it by seeing it, thinking about it, writing it down, believing it, and making it happen.

You can make it happen by shifting the behavioral patterns that have kept you spinning in circles.

In a nutshell, If emotional eating is your vice, take a different path and try one of the healthy alternatives I’ve shared above.

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